Purchase your video from Sports Showcases or Camps. Important information!

Purchase your video from Sports Showcases or Camps. Important information!

We have been at Camps/Showcases, shot events, Weddings, Real Estate, and many other projects we have shot all of the video and audio for.  When we shoot the video we own that video.  DVDs, and the video can not be re produced or sent to another company that can profit from our video.

At Sports Showcases below are some options we offer and how they can be used or beneficial for your student athlete.

1. Purchase DVD's - Good to send college coaches, or keep of your performance so you can see your improvement at every showcase. These videos can not be duplicated or re-produced.

2. Re-new the YouTube Link- You can send these links to college coaches in your emails. This is good for getting on the radar of college coaches. This is for parents or players promoting their talents themselves. This can not be used by recruiting services who can profit off of our video.  We would need to be compensated or write permission.

3. Purchase the Exclusive Copyrights of your video- With the exclusive copyrights, you now own the video and can do anything you would like with your video. Duplicate as many DVDs as you want, send to recruiting services, edit the footage to add other footage, and whatever you would like.  You receive the file, certificate, and DVD of your video.

If you have questions about this or anything else, please contact us at rrtprod@gmail.com.

Thank you!


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