Agona Baseball Showcase (Online Payment)

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Thank you for visiting our online payment for Agona Baseball Showcases.  If you have attended a showcase, or event we were at and want information, purchase, or additional services, you will find the information here.  If not please contact us and we can help you.  We also accept credit card via paypal, simply add what service you want to the cart and pay with any credit card.  We also accept cash, and check.  Any questions, please let us know.  Thanks!

Exclusive Video Copyrights


Have the Exclusive Video Copyrights of your video created by RRT Productions. You now own the video, and can duplicate as many DVDs as you want, use on recruiting services websites, edit the video, and do whatever you want with the video because its yours! You will receive a downloadable file.


YouTube  Re-Newal

$75.00  6 Months

Your Video is currently on YouTube from the showcase for a certain time period.  Once that time period expires, your video will come down.  This is an opportunity to re-new that link and continue to send your video to college coaches and promote your talent by sending the video in emails.



Individual On Location Shoot

$300  $250 Showcase Special

(Could be more depending on location)

Need to update or get new footage to send colleges?  Have us come on location and show your development and technique.  This deal includes 2-Hour on location shoot, editing of all footage, graphics added, YouTube link to send college coaches, and a downloadable file you can burn DVDs, or edit/add to the footage.



HUDL Video Editing

Do you have a video on HUDL, but don’t know how to create a recruiting video to send colleges?  We can help.  Prices start as low as $75.  Quick turnaround, get them out and start promoting your talent!



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