1. Call or e-mail us for a FREE quote, check our Contact page for more information. (If you know the package you want, include that information on the email or form).

2. Fill out online forms (under forms tab), print them off, and either email RRT Productions, LLC or mail them to our address.

*The Info Form is for information about the athlete, so we can make slides with the graduation year, the coaches contact information, the position, weight, etc. The Play Sheet Form is for the different games, times it happens, and a short description of the play, so we know exactly what plays you would like in the video.


Mail Us/Email Us:

Game Film (If we did not shoot footage)

Player Information Sheet

Play Sheet or Time Log

Two pictures of the athlete (or they can be emailed to RRT Productions, LLC)

Accepted Media:


Mini DV Tape

VHS Tape

Hi-8 Tape

Flash Drive or External Hard Drive

Copies of DVDs:

Additional copies are $20 with professional packaging. When the video is completed, we will send your finished product to one address and  if you sent a video, that will also be sent back at that time.


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