Month: February 2019

Agona Baseball Showcase- Pitchers and Catchers 2-16-19

UPDATE: The Pitchers and Catchers Baseball Showcase from Saturday, February 16th held at Velocity Sports Complex is now Complete. Evan Agona from Agona Baseball Camps will send an email with the links next to the players names. They also will be on RRT Productions YouTube Page. The videos will be up for 3 months, then come down where you always have the opportunity to purchase your video just go to the Forms tab—>Baseball Showcase (Online Payment). Please send us an email with what Showcase Video you would like. if you have additional questions, please contact Rob at

Diamond League Baseball Showcase 1-21-19

UPDATE: The Diamond League Baseball Showcase from January is now completed and up on the player profiles. If you would like to purchase your videos, go to the Forms Tab and go to the Payment Online. Please send us an email with the Showcase video your looking for and we will get your order ready ASAP. Thank you for your business! Any questions, please contact Rob at

UPDATE- Diamond League Baseball Showcase 1-21-19

Diamond League Baseball Showcase 1-21-19- We are just about done editing all of the videos. Next week we will export and upload all of the videos to our YouTube page so it can then go onto your profiles. All videos will be uploaded  to YouTube next week. If you have any questions please contact Rob at If you want to purchase your videos, please visit our website Thanks!

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