Diamond League Baseball Showcase 1-21-19

Diamond League Baseball Showcase 1-21-19

UPDATE: The Diamond League Baseball Showcase from January is now completed and up on the player profiles. If you would like to purchase your videos, go to the Forms Tab and go to the Payment Online. Please send us an email with the Showcase video your looking for and we will get your order ready ASAP. Thank you for your business! Any questions, please contact Rob at rrtprod@gmail.com.

UPDATE: Agona (Fall) Baseball Camps at T3 11-4-18 Videos are finished

UPDATE: Agona Baseball Camps (Fall) Showcase at T3 11-4-18- All of the Videos have been completed and uploaded to YouTube.
Please check out our YouTube page (RRT Productions on YOUTUBE) or email us if you want your video directly. Evan will also be sending an email with all of the links and information on how to purchase your video.

WANT To Purchase your Video?  Fill out the Form Below and email, or send in the form with payment and we will get your order out soon.

Showcase pricing form updated 10-31-17

If you have questions, want to purchase your video, or need anything video related, please contact us at rrtprod@gmail.com or check out our website www.rrt-productions.com. Thank you!

Agona Baseball Camp (FALL) Showcase at T3 (11-4-18) Update and Information

Thank you for visiting our website!  We wanted to give you an update and some information on the Videos that were shot at the Agona Baseball Camps (Fall) Showcase that was at T3 on 11-4-18.

We have finished about 40 plus of the videos.  Right now #1-31 are uploading to YouTube.  Once we finish editing the rest , we will begin to start uploading the rest to YOUTUBE.  They will be done this week, most likely on Sunday, December 2nd.

Evan will send out an email with all of the links and you can start sending them to colleges or you can email me and I will send you the link directly.

VIDEOS for Purchase:

If you would like to purchase the video, we do have several different options.  We can send that attachment in an email for you to view, fill out and send to us, or you can do it right on our website, and we can have your order to you once it is paid for.  We do accept Cash, Check, and Credit Card (You can pay online although there will be a tax on it).

Below is the form:

Showcase pricing form updated 10-31-17


Email us if you have any questions rrtprod@gmail.com.

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